Mobile Health Group has partnered with Mercy Radiology to form Mobile Imaging to provide a mobile PET-CT service for provincial New Zealand.

“There are many regions where it is difficult to access PET-CT imaging. Mobile Imaging is proud to be breaking down barriers to equitable healthcare by bringing New Zealand’s first mobile PET-CT to the doorstep of our regional patients,” says Mark Eager, Chief Executive of Mobile Health Group.

Mobile Imaging offers exceptional clarity and superior detection through state-of-the-art digital PET-CT. PET-CT is a hybrid imaging modality resulting in a faster, more complete picture to help diagnose, locate , and access disease compared to stand alone CT. Digital PET images are further enhanced with AI technology to aid our dedicated team of PET-CT radiologists in providing accurate diagnosis and staging.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is an imaging procedure which uses small amounts of radioactive tracers to help diagnose, locate, and assess a disease. It can be used to study specific areas or the whole body. CT imaging is a highly advanced form of X-ray beam which shows the anatomical detail inside the body and detects alterations of structure caused by disease.

PET-CT will clearly show the full extent of cancers in patients. Accurately detecting cancer in the early stages means patients can receive treatment earlier, resulting in better outcomes for the patient. Having detailed imaging also helps ensure the oncology team develops the optimal cancer treatment plan for each patient.

Dr Remy Lim, Medical Director at Mercy Radiology says; “We are very excited to include a advanced digital PET-CT to the mobile imaging unit. Our teams have seen first-hand how this technology is a game-changer in capturing higher resolution images and improving small-lesion detectability. The PET-CT scanner also has the longest scan coverage of any PET scanners in New Zealand, translating to a faster scan for maximal patient comfort.”